How to take care of my tattoo until it heals?

After getting tattooed the tattooist did 50% of work, the other 50% is upto you with the correct care for the tattoo by following the instructions you will be given at the tattoo studio. The healing time for a tattoo is about a week. During that week you will have to rinse the tattoo, clean it and put an ointment on it that will speed up the epithelialization of the skin and will cause the skin to heal. Also if you do any activities that cause you to sweat a lot you will have to minimize those. The instructions vary for one person to another, depending which part of body the tattoo is placed on, and what the surroundings of that person are, for example does this person work or spend a lot of time in a very dusty or moist place, or a place where the temperature of air is higher than normal etc. You have to follow the instructions very carefully, otherwise the quality of the tattoo will be visibly lessened.