What you have to warn us about before getting tattooed?

To avoid all the risks that can negatively affect you and your health, and also other people and their health you have to warn us if you have any of the following:
-any contagious disease
-any chronic disease
-haemorrhagic, haemophilia
-metabolic disease
-heart problems
-high or low blood pressure
-any allergies

Also if:
-you are pregnant, or currently breastfeeding
-you have any skin problems
-you suffer from any psychological disorder (such as: depression, panic attacks, PTSD etc.)
-you are hypoglycemic.

In some of the cases above we will advise you to consult your doctor due to the specific nature of your condition, and postpone the tattooing appointment. If you decide to not tell us any of the diseases or conditions above we will not be held responsible for the consequences to your health or the quality of your tattoo.