How much does it cost?

The price of the tattoo is set according to multiple factors such as: the size, complexity, the time that goes into drawing the motif, the time that goes into the tattooing, and the part of the body that the tattoo will be on. The prices go from 60 euro to a couple of thousands of euro. 60 euro is the minimum which means that tattooing a simple motif such as chinese script, a smiley face etc; of the approximate size of 3x3 cm costs as much as a lets say a simple one millimeter dot would cost. The price of tattooing doesn’t go under the price of the minimum because the tools and material used can not the amortized under that price even if its a dot or a more complicated motif.

Mainly, bigger tattoos come out cheaper than small ones even though they have more time, energy, material and time invested in them. What I mean when I say bigger is cheaper is that for example a tattoo that is the size of a pack of cigarettes and a tattoo that is the size of an A4 paper, the second one will be 5-6 times more expensive than the first one, even though you can fit 11 packs of cigarettes into an A4 paper. Also, tattoo will be less expensive if it is put on the forearm, calf or upper arm, and the same tattoo will be more expensive if it is put on the lower back, stomach or the chest because of how the skin stretches in those particular places and the process of tattooing is more complicated on some parts of the body.