Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes, you have to make an appointment, but sometimes you can get tattooed on the spot if it is a smaller tattoo from a catalog and if we have enough free time to do the tattoo.

To make an appointment you have to show up in person in the tattoo studio and decide on a motif you want to get tattooed even if it’s a motif you brought with yourself, a motif from a catalog or a custom made motif. The time that will be reserved for you depends of the time it takes to make the stencil, the time it takes to set up the tattoo space and the time it takes to make the tattoo. We will offer you the first free appointment in which we can get all the above done. With some tattoos it is necessary to make an appointment to prepare the motif that will be tattooed (to draw it or make some changes to it). You have to make an appointment for preparation just like an appointment to get tattooed.