How do I decide on the right motif?

After a tattoo is done you will spend the rest of your life with it, so don’t make any rash decisions and think your tattoo through so you wouldn’t regret it later because you had a moment of weakness. Even though specialised tattoo magazines in croatian aren’t often provided in Croatia, and occasional articles on tattooing are a part of the daily press and other domestic media, they are full of inaccuracy and inadequate informations, you can be well informed about tattooing through one domestic tattoo magazine, and on the Internet on web pages such as this one and at tattoo studios.

The theme part of a tattoo is an individual thing, it can have a hidden meaning expressed through a language of symbols, it can be of religious or ritual value, or it can even be a personal style addition to the body without any other meaning or philosophy behind it. It all depends on the individual. When you have decided on the theme of the tattoo you have to still decide on the size and the part of the body it will be placed on. A most common mistake when choosing a motif for a first tattoo is choosing a motif that is too small with too many details which will, in years, become blurred so you won’t even be able to tell what it was. Skin as a medium to draw on doesn’t allow many details, so the motif has to be resized according to that. The part of the body which it will be placed on is also of importance because not all motifs fit on all parts of the body because of their composition, take into consideration that you are getting tattooed to accentuate your personality, not to disfeature yourself. When all the criteria above is met, they you can be sure you made the right choice.