Does it hurt?

Yes, tattooing hurts and everyone that says otherwise is just showing off! Tattooing is an unpleasant but bearable treatment which mostly everyone endures without any problems. Many people get scared or panic when they hear the sound of a tattooing machine and automatically are reminded of the sound they hear at the dentist. The treatment with or without anesthetic done on a tooth infected by cavities or granuloma is far more painful than the most painful spot on the body to tattoo. Tattooing causes a feeling of irritation much like the feeling you get when you pluck your hair, or like you are being scratched by something sharp, or maybe even pinching and tickling.

There is a whole spectrum of senses you can get depending on the place on the body that is getting tattooed, the longevity of the process and your pain threshold. Most women say that the intensity of pain while getting tattooed reminds them of the pain when they depilate their legs with an epilator. Its mostly unpleasant, much like being tickled and itchy at the same time and you can’t scratch it or remove the feeling in any way. You can say that the first process of tattooing you go through is a type of initiation, a test of yourself. It is unpleasant for the first 15 minutes and later you get used to the pain and can be tattooed for several more hours. By the second time around people have no fear and don’t panic because they are acquainted with the feeling of being tattooed.

Some clients ask why there is no anesthetic given during the process. We don’t provide anesthetics because it can be very dangerous if a client is allergic to it. Allergy to an anesthetic can cause anaphylactic shock during which reanimation might be needed. There are anesthesiologists for that whos training takes years.

Also, by taking painkillers, alcohol and other drugs you won’t lessen the irritating feeling of being tattooed, only make matters worse. Painkillers can lesses a static pain like a headache or toothache but not a pain caused by tattooing because that is an intentionally caused pain. By consummation of alcohol or drugs you will become more sensitive to pain because you won’t be producing endorphin which is a natural anesthetic and you will be hemorrhaging more. If we suspect that you are under the influence of any drug or alcohol we will not tattoo you and ask you to leave the tattoo studio premises.