How do I pick the right tattoo artist?

A tattoo artist (tattooist) first and foremost has to be a talented illustrator and drawer to be able to do this job, especially to stand out with his special style of drawing tattoo motifs, otherwise he will stagnate and will be limited to the simplest designs from a catalog. Every tattooist prefers the style and theme he enjoys doing, and that sets him apart from all other tattooists, and makes him special. It is also important to keep in mind that a tattooist that is popular for his own style or mostly known for doing one style is not good at other styles. In most tattoo salons that employ several tattoo artist, all those artist are in the same rank, therefore if you want to get something from a catalog it is unnecessary to insist a certain artist does it, for example, a chinese letter will always look like a chinese letter no matter which artist does it.

When a custom motif or a motif that is of a special, strict, rare style, then it is more than necessary to ask for a certain tattooist, one you find the most capable to do the preparation and tattooing of it. To be able to pick a tattooist, first look at his tattooing portfolio, and those of other tattooists, weather in a tattoo studio or the internet. Compare them and estimate weather they can even be compared when it comes to the nivou of quality.Also, if a tattoo is of a famous painting, made by a painter or illustrator, or of a photo, compare the original painting or photo to the tattoo. You should also compare that tattoo to other tattoos of the same reproduction of a motif, painting or photo, and the one you like the best, the tattooist who tattooed it should be the one you choose.