Notification due to coronavirus situation


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we are forced to temporarily introduce emergency epidemiological protection measures that will be implemented without exception. We are closed to the public, we receive ONLY and exclusively clients that have appointments from before. Customers are requested to postpone their appointment if they have any symptoms similar to a cold, flu or koronavirus (cough, fever, sore throat, lung pain, shortness of breath, weakness ...), if within the last 2 weeks they have traveled outside the Republic of Croatia or have been in contact with persons who have the above symptoms or have been reported to the epidemiological service for further treatment. Please do not come to the tattoo studio but for all the information about changing appointment date and queries until further exclusively contact us thru Facebook. Studio's phone and e-mail [email protected] will not be in function. If we have to completely close the studio and cancel the appointment due to the situation, we will contact you. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we wish you a healthy overcome this crisis.