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May the 4th and SFerakon 2016.

26th May 2016. in Zagrebu

May The 4th international Star Wars day, so important day in life of every Star Wars geek and SFeraKon 2016. is behind us. With "The Force Awakens" croatian Star Wars fandom is awakened. In period of last six months we was more active then in last 39, in letters thirty-nine, years of Star Wars. It started with a small local Star Wars celebration few days before and at the day of premiere Episode-VII in Zagreb's Cineplexx. In fact it was started with encounters of old and new members of forum last year at the Rikon. We did enviable cosplay, brusts of selfies with audiences of all ages and costumed all day walk around in City Center East in Zagreb. Three months latter was first visiting to the childern's hospital in Rijeka. Shortly thereafter began filming of Episode-VII in Dubrovnik. We knew that the costumed shouldn't approach to the set but some of us have done it and at the price of Disney's lawsuits after which would probably follow long years in prison or else hard work in spice mines on Kessel. Fortunately there were no lawsuits. Unfortunately then I wasn't in Dubrovnik. I can't get over because haven't seen Vader's flapping cloak while at medieval city streets running away from security guards. One week after I was on the Star Wars set in Dubrovnik. Persecuted by production we circled the outside city walls, shooted video for Dubrovnik's Hackaton and under cover we was on Star Wars set. At the end we visited kids in childern's hospital in Dubrovnik. Which irony, thing with WAR in title unites people who spread humanity costumed in scarry Star Wars characters. Indescribable felling is when costumed in Star Wars characters in hospitals around Croatia giving candies, performing Jedi-Sith duelings or teach kids how to draw R2-D2, Darth Vader, Yoda or any other Star Wars characters. How they are so happy when capture selfie with Darth Vader and stormtroopers, the force is so strong in this little creatures.

Trooping near SW set MosCroatia and Hackathon crew Undercover mandalorian and stormtrooper on Star Wars set Undercover mandalorian, Darth Vader and stormtrooper on Star Wars set Visiting a child's hospital in Dubrovnik Drawing with kids in hospital

May The 4th Zagreb 2016.

Beginning of May was marked by another one childern's hospital visiting and international Star Wars day May The 4th. This time we was at hospital in Zagreb. May The 4th was costumed walk around in trams and center of Zagreb, photographing and giving Star Wars toy to childern. Ton get Star Wars toy they had upload selfie with someone of us on they Facebook page. We wasn't giving to them our own toys, no way!!! Tisak Media company was perked up with a surplus of their items.

Visiting a children's hospital Srebrnjak in Zagreb May The 4th in Zagreb Hero not a villain! These aren't the droids you're looking for! Shooting in Oktogon More shooting in Oktogon

Between two events

HrvatskaFour days before SFeraKon Shane came from Canada in our Hrvatistan. We took him from Zagreb to Dubrovnik via Korčula. Upon returning, we stopped at the holy ground in Smiljan. It's amazing that guys from this islolated part of world had change a civilisation. I mean Tesla and Marco Polo. that we still visited Slavonia, Shane coul'd speaking in Canada that journey was in the shape of croissant. Thus he got only half of croissant and says that taste is good.

Shane Shane and Adrian on Ex Star Wars set Astrid, Stela, Adrian and Shane on Ex Star Wars set Shane, Adrian, Astrid and Marin on Ex Star Wars set Landspeeder was here Inside a Tesla's house

SFeraKon 2016.

On Sferakon was the culmination of everything until now, celebration, geek party. Trekkies was celebrate 50 years of Star Trek, Warsers have shown serious level of cosplay, we had a Geek Tattoo Contest and with this get closer tattooing and pop culture in Croatia. Shane had a lectures about tattooing in Star Wars fandom and geek collectibles. SFeraKon was like SFeraKon, educative and inspiring.

SFeraKon 2016. opening MCS, Gandalf Tattoo and Milivoj Ćeran booth United forces One of the best cosplays Saruman and Gandalf Winners and judges of tattoo contest

Shades of Grey Star Wars Hrvatska SFeraKon SFera