Star Wars Celebration Europe 2013
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Ink-Fusion Tattoo Festival

Journey - Don't Stop Believing

"Video clip from my Croatian friend Marin Urbanc. Not just a silly video of talented tattoo artists from around the world, some old friends, some brand new, singing Journey at a Karaoke bar in Germany, but more importantly proof that there is room in our industry for artists to come together with mutual respect and love for what we do; absent of attitude, ego or competition. Neka sila bude s vama!""

Josh Bodwell

Ink-Fusion EmpireLast weekend of July 2013. in Germany at the Essens fair was maintenanced a Star Wars celebration in part of which was maintenanced thematic tattoo convention at which was attended two dozen tattooist from around the globe. It was an incredible honor to meet and in those few days work with the team of a tattooists, in my opinion each of the best world-class tattooists, at the event in which my dreams comes true. Special thanks to my long-time "online" friend Shane Turgeon, whom I finally met in real life after more than a decade, which has provide to me chance to connect with a Marc Dravens Ink-Fusion group of tattooists where the worlds of tattooing and pop culture collide.

Ink Fusion Crew

Group photos with Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Ian McDiarmid (Emperor Palpatine).

Ink Fusion Crew sa Carrie Fisher (Princeza Leia) Ink Fusion Crew sa Markom Hamillom (Luke Skywalker) i Ianom McDiarmidom (Imperator Palpatine)

Star Wars Celebration Gallery

Imperial scout trooper and Mandalorian Villains Horned villains Enterance of Endors shield generator Rebel pilot in a snow speeder Imperial snowtrooper Dad stormtrooper AT-AT Imperial snowtrooper Disneylorian Mandalorians Mrs. and Mr. Fett Darth Vader and me Darth Vader and Darth Vader tattoo Subway stormtrooper Tattoo Booths Tattooing of R2-D2 Tattoo of weekend by Luis Valdovinos Shooted stormtrooper Karyn, Amy and Ryan Cad Bane on a swap bike TIE advanced, Vader, etc... Merchandise for growed up childern More merchandise for growed up childern Still more merchandise for growed up childern Count Dooku with death stick Sith Republic commando R2-D2 Emperor Chewbacca and Mandalorian E-11 blaster rifle Holders of E-11 blaster rifle Chew-bacca Tattoo Boots Scout trooper Boba Fett in subway Jabba the Hutt Obi-Wan Kenoby Rebel pilots Princess Leia, Mon Mothma and rebel soliders Tatooine crew Rebels Interior of the Millennium Falcon Astromech droid TIE pilots from wrong universe Astromech droids Grand Admiral Thrawn Nazgul ?! Darth Vader and TIE pilot Bounty Hunters Bacta tank Death stick break with Darth Maul WE CROATS!!!

Star Wars Celebration Video Clips

Shaneovo prvo tetoviranje Ink-Fusion Empire tattooisti Ink-Fusion Empire after party