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Star Wars - Epizode 7 "The Force Awakens"

The event that marked December of 2015 and overshadowed Santa Claus.

21. prosinca 2015. u Zagrebu

Premiere is passed, I watched the movie twice until now. The movie isn't how Americans say "AWESOME!!!" spectacular Hollywood blockbuster, it is a thoroughly revised wonderful movie. I came out from the theater full and empty at the same time.

Last month had been spectacular. We have raised fandom in Croatia at a remarkable level. With the help of Cineplexx we have organized a first celebration of Star Wars day in Croatia was held in Zagreb and Split, costumed we walk around down town and done many shootings and interviews for the Croatian media which was due to premiere daily tugging us at our sleeves. Entertained a bunch of kids and their parents, apologies to Santa Claus because we stole him part of the job. One of the best experiences these days was to observe the reactions of passers-by in the city due "trooping". At the beginning I was afraid of negative reactions but experience was totally different, reactions of people were ingenious and positive. Shootings and giving fives. It was pleasure to work with everyone, from the accidental passers to the Cineplexx and Croatian National Television teams.

Advent and New Year is somehow behind me, there is no longer those euphoria and again can focused on everyday life. Thanks to George Lucas and J.J.Abramsu for everything. Also to all friends, Star Wars fans, scattered around the world and to all those who give us support in what we are doing.

May the force be with you and don't stop believin' !

Star Wars Day - 12th December 2015 in Zagreb

Star Wars dan

Video sa Star Wars dana 12.12.

Posted by Star Wars Hrvatska on Thursday, December 24, 2015
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Star Wars - The Force Awakens prmiere at 16th December 2015 in Zagreb

Star Wars Hrvatska
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Association Mos Croatia Spaceport followed through the media ahead of the Star Wars - Episode VII "The Force Awakens" premiere

Croatian National Television - Life is Beautiful filmed at 7th December 2015

Telecast "Popcorn" by Croatian National Television dedicated to Star Wars

Premiere in Cineplexx City Cenatar East in Zagreb 16th December 2016