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Before sending an inquiry related to a tattoo appointment, please read this entire text.

Tattoo price

When you decide to get a tattoo, keep in mind what you can buy for a certain amount of money and have for a lifetime? The mostly nothing but a tattoo. Something that you will wear for life must have some kind of price.

A very common question is how much is the price of a tattoo. It is impossible to give an answer to such a question and it makes sense approximately like you would come in a restaurant and ask how much is the price of food. It depends on whether you want to eat a slice of bread or a specialty of the house. The price of a tattoo is determined by several factors. One of the main factors is the time invested in the realization of the tattoo.

Also important factors in the formation of the tattoo price are:

Tattoo size

The size needs no special explanation. Bigger is more expensive. It is important to note that some motifs cannot be tattooed in a certain size as requested by the client because they are often too small in terms of the level of detail and are unfeasible as a tattoo for simple technical reasons. If we evaulate that the tattoo is unfeasible because of this reason, we advise the client to increase the motif to the smallest acceptable level, or we refuse to tattoo such a motif. So the level of detail dictates the size of the tattoo. This is most often case with fonts, Celtic designs and small linework motifs.

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Correct and incorrect tattoo size

As the skin aging and deteriorates over the years, so the tattoo aging and deteriorates with the skin. For this reason, at the start keep in mind that when it leads to that, the tattoo must still be sharp and recognizable. This can only be achieved with the correct ratio of the level of detail and the size of the tattoo. In the example below, you can see a tattoo of the same motif in an acceptable and unacceptable size. A tattoo of an unacceptable size has blurred over the years to the point of unrecognizability unlike a tattoo of an acceptable size.

celtic original
celtic good
celtic bad
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Position on body

The duration and complexity of making a tattoo depends on the part of the body on which it will be placed. Tattoos on arms and legs are cheaper than tattoos on the torso because they are easier to make. For example, getting a tattoo on the stomach or chest is more difficult due to the constant movement of that part of the body due to breathing and more difficult skin tightening during tattooing, which increases the time required to make the tattoo. As we said at the beginning, it is a key factor in the formation of the price of a tattoo.

Tattoo master skills

The skill of the tattoo master is the second most important thing in choosing of tattoo master and forming the price of a tattoo. There is no standard education system for tattooing like for most other professions. Tattooing is a craft that is studied based on the experience of old tattoo masters and by exchanging experience with other colleagues in the profession. It's a good thing that tattooing is exact so that a layman can compare and decide whose work he likes and whose he doesn't.

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Ratio of invested and received

Good tattoo masters are aware of their own qualities and based on that they work for a price that is appropriate for their level of experience and knowledge and they are also very picky when choosing the tattoo equipment. They work only with the best, proven equipment and tattoo colors and adhere to the highest hygienic standards.

Wolf 3500kn3500 kn
Wolf 1000kn1000 kn
Wolf 30kn30 kn
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Tattooing in a registered tattoo parlor

The first most important thing is to get tattooed only in registered tattoo parlors, although even that can sometimes be questionable. When choosing, it is important to choose a tattoo parlor that has many years of experience and reputation, where works permanent, unchanged line-up of tattoo masters. Apart from the permanent line-up, some tattoo parlors periodically host masters from other tattoo parlors. In the world of tattooing, the term "Guest Artist" is used for this way of doing business. If you choose a "Guest Artist" before tattooing, you must be informed about his experience and tattooing skills. Most tattoo parlors that practice this way of working choose artists who will raise the reputation of their tattoo parlor. If is a "Guest Artist" a person with questionable past in terms of experience and knowledge, or spends most of his time flitting from studio to studio, this says everything about him and the tattoo studio that hosts such a person.

Tattooing in the so-called "Private Arrangement" unfortunately needs to be mentioned because it is exclusively about illegal black work that is outside the system of control and those who work in such a way bear no responsibility for what they do. The only way they compete with tattoo masters who working in registered tattoo parlors is price, so getting a tattoo at the very start is always more expensive in a registered tattoo parlor due to the costs of the tattoo parlor than getting tattoo in a "Private Arrangement" but in the long term incomparably cheaper.

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Make an appointment for a consultation or tattooing

Before appointment you should explain your wishes in as much detail is possible so that we can make your tattoo as best as possible. At the begining send us a reference of the motive you would tattoo. It can be from various sources of any quality. We will most likely have to process and adapt the desired motif to you. If something needs to be redrawn, digitally processed, redesigned, you have no reason to worry because that's exactly what we do.


At the appointment for consultation with the tattoo master, the exact appearance of the design, size, position on the body, duration of the tattooing and price are agreed upon. Consultations do not oblige you to get a tattoo and there is no charge, but you cannot get the design, photograph it, or take it out of the tattoo parlor unless you are ready to pay the full price of the tattoo for that design. Also, we do not send the design by email if we make it based on your description but without your presence. Once the design is finished we will contact you and you will have to stop by the tattoo parlor to see it. When booking a consultation appointment, it is necessary to leave deposit in the amount of HRK 200, which we return to you when you come to the agreed consultation appointment. Additional consultations can be booked, but they are charged HRK 100.00/30 minutes. If you know exactly what you want and have thought carefully about your tattoo, the basic consultation appointment will be more than enough for you.

Tattooingtattoo machine

When booking a tattoo appointment, an deposit in the amount of 30% of the total price of the tattoo service must be left. When paying for the completed tattoo service, the total price is reduced by the amount of the deposit. Deposit for the tattoo service must be left no later than 4 working days before the tattoo appointment. Appointments that are not confirmed with an deposit are deleted without prior notification to the client.

Whether it is about booking an appointment for a consultation or for a tattoo service, the deposit is made in person at the tattoo parlor. If you are prevented from coming to the agreed appointment and you do not notify us within 48 hours before the start of the agreed appointment or if you do not come to the agreed appointment on time and thereby disrupt the schedule of other appointments, you lose the right to refund the deposit.

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